Automatic identity recognition in the Semantic Web

Ferrara, A; Lorusso, D; Montanelli, S
Proc. . ESWC workshop on Identity and Reference on the Semantic Web (IRSW)

The OKKAM initiative1 has recently highlighted the need
of moving from the traditional web towards a \web of entities", where
real-world objects descriptions could be retrieved, univocally identi ed,
and shared over the web. In this paper, we propose our vision of the
entity recognition problem and, in particular, we propose methods and
techniques to capture the \identity" of a real entity in the SemanticWeb.
We claim that automatic techniques are needed to compare di erent
RDF descriptions of a domain with the goal of automatically detect

Time-completeness trade-offs in record linkage using Adaptive Query Processing

Lengu, R; Missier, P; Fernandes, AAA; G Guerrini, M ..

Applications that involve data integration among multiple sources often require a preliminary step of data reconciliation in order to ensure that tuples match correctly across the sources. In dynamic settings such as data mashups, however, traditional offline data reconciliation techniques that require prior availability of the data may not be applicable. The alternative, performing similarity joins at query time, is computationally expensive, while ignoring the mismatch problem altogether leads to an incomplete integration.

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