Large-Scale Citation Matching of Scientific Digital Libraries

Lee, D.; Kang, J.; Mitra, P.; Giles, C. Lee; On, B.-W.
Lee, D
Kang, J
Mitra, P
Giles, C
On, B
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In scientific Digital Libraries, citations play
an important role such as locating relevant research or
estimating the impact of an article. Therefore, to avoid
the so-called “garbage-in garbage-out” problem, the quality
of citations must be maintained to its utmost degree.
Despite the advancement in DLs, however, the maintenance
of citations face new challenges. In this paper,
we present four new scenarios where matching, linking,
and integrating citations becomes a challenge. Then, we
discuss a few proposals to cope with the challenges. Although
our proposals will not be the ultimate solution
to the problem, it is our hope that this article can raise
the awareness of the important problem in DLs that currently
receives less attention than it deserves.